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Fit Balance

Fit Balance

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1200 kcal
1500 kcal
1800 kcal
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Fit Balance diet is the easiest way to lose weight, take care of your health and enjoy great shape. Properly balanced meals will provide your body with all the necessary ingredients, including vitamins and minerals. Our cooks and nutritionists base their meals on wholesome and natural products and make sure that the diet is varied and tasty. Number of meals: 1200 kcal (4 meals), 1500 kcal (5 meals), 1800 kcal (5 meals), 2200 kcal (5 meals).

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Each meal is ready to eat, sealed in a container and marked with a sticker. The sticker contains the following information: type of diet, name of the meal, form of consumption, caloric content, macronutrient distribution, allergens. The ready-made kit provides daily nutrition and is delivered to the specified address every evening. Order without weekends - delivery is made in the evening from Sunday to Thursday. Order with weekends - delivery is made in the evening from Sunday to Friday, two kits are delivered on Friday.

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