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Diet Catering Hague

The biggest advantages of fit catering is total control over the number of calories consumed per day. Determining this value on one's own, taking into account the exact weighing of each ingredient and making calculations, is a very breakneck activity, not to mention determining the macro- and micro-ingredients. Also, not everyone has the expertise to know how to do this. Diet catering saves the time needed to make an inventory of the necessary ingredients, shop, cook and clean up afterwards. Cartons of food delivered to your door is also a convenience. The only thing you need to do yourself is to heat up some of the dishes in the microwave oven. 

A slim figure is the result not only of exercising at the gym, but also of eating regularly. The biggest dietary mistake is taking in too many calories in the evening. This is mainly due to the lack of time for leisurely consumption during the day. According to the recommendations of nutritionists, it is best to eat 5 meals a day (small portions) at similar intervals. With ready-made meals on hand, it is much easier to keep an eye on such restrictions. Ordering a box diet provides physical and mental comfort, as you don't have to think about coming up with a new menu every day. At Fit Diet Catering, dietitians and other nutritionists do it for you.

Why Fit Diet Catering?

Our passion and mission is healthy eating. We offer many types of diets to suit different needs, including:

  • balances,
  • Sports, with a high protein content.
  • junior, for the youngest, 
  • vegetarian, ideal for those who have given up eating meat,
  • vegetarian + fish, with the addition of fish,
  • vegan, for people who want to eat only plant-based products,
  • low carb, with reduced carbohydrate content,
  • no gluten & no lactose, designed for allergy sufferers, 
  • detox juice, for people who want to go through a fast and effective removal of toxins. 

On the fitdiet.nl website, you can use a special calculator to determine your daily energy requirements, given in calories, based on your weight, age and height. The final value will also depend on the degree of physical activity and the goal you plan to achieve (losing/gaining weight or maintaining weight). Only a diet tailored to your own needs will help you feel good in your own body, as well as get rid of many health ailments, such as high blood pressure and feelings of permanent fatigue.

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Balanced catering in The Hague is a great option for all busy people who want to take care of their own fitness and health. Go to fitdiet.nl and order a personalized diet for yourself and loved ones. Don't hesitate any longer. Invest in yourself.

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