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Diet Catering Rotterdam

You dream of a healthy, delicious menu every day, perfectly tailored to your dietary preferences, lifestyle and the results you want to achieve because:

  • You run marathons while on a plant-based diet,
  • you need to exclude certain food groups from your menu and are looking for dietary inspiration to learn how to cook in a new way,
  • Do you want to lose weight safely without running the risk of upsetting your metabolism and the imminent return of lost pounds in the form of the yo-yo effect? 

Or maybe you just need motivation to finally start eating healthy, have more energy and be able to feel better? 

You've come to the right place! FIT DIET is more than diet catering with delivery in Rotterdam. First and foremost, it's an exceptional team of healthy lifestyle enthusiasts. We are here for you to inspire you to change and motivate you to persevere in good habits. We want to show you how to create wholesome, healthy and, above all, really tasty meals from all-natural products.

Boxed diet - what does it involve?

Kale, quinoa, avocado, hummus, almonds, millet groats, sprouts, arugula, fresh fruits, energizing smoothies and cleansing juices - you will find these and other delicacies in unique packages from FIT DIET, which are delivered every evening in the Rotterdam area . Diet catering is the perfect solution for you if you lack the time or motivation to prepare fresh, nutritious and balanced meals for yourself every day. You can also consider our boxed diet as a source of inspiration for your own culinary experiments in the future.

FIT Catering - try it out and feel better!

How do we operate? It's child's play! You order the diet package of your choice - you decide on the calories in your boxed diet. We prepare delicious meals for you, then pack them in convenient and completely safe for your health, hermetically sealed packages - wanting to serve you the highest quality and freshness of dishes in each box. Every evening we deliver your order straight to your home or office - to the address you specify within Rotterdam.

Several perfectly composed in terms of nutritional value and, of course, delicious boxed diets await you in our diet catering offer. Here are our fit suggestions:

  • Balance - full-flavored, optimally balanced in terms of micro- and macronutrients,
  • Sports - covering the body's increased demand for energy and nutrients,
  • Vegetarian - a well-balanced plant-based menu with eggs and dairy,
  • Vegetarian + Fish - a vegetarian version enriched with fish,
  • No Gluten & No Lactose - elimination, recommended for food allergies and intolerances and as a mild form of cleansing treatment,
  • Fit Vegan - a dietary style based exclusively on plant-based products
  • Low Carb - reduced carbohydrate content,
  • Fit Junior - delicious, healthy and fun meals for your kids,
  • Detox Juice - based on freshly squeezed juices of fruits, vegetables and green leaves, cleansing and deeply restorative.

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You can opt for one of the options we offer, or ask for help on which boxed diet to choose to meet your expectations and fit your dietary preferences.

We bring catering to Rotterdam

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