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Diet catering Antwerp

What are the benefits of regular and healthy meals?

A properly prepared fit diet has its own benefits. Nutrients provide "fuel" for the body, which gives you energy for the whole day. Maintaining the right proportions and balancing the menu prevents fatigue, allows you to maintain a radiant and healthy skin, and promotes concentration. It is worth adding that the human brain is nourished by amino acids necessary for its proper functioning, as well as natural sugars found in fresh fruits. An improper diet (such as overeating at night, eating highly processed and fatty foods) also ruins the immune system. In addition, eating regularly protects against the development of diseases. Few people realize that an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals reduces susceptibility to stress.

Fit Diet Catering offers

Picturesquely located Antwerp is the city where box diet delivery from Fit Diet Catering is possible. Experienced and professional dietitians, for whom food is a passion, arrange menus tailored to the individual needs of the client. By going to, anyone can specify their exact needs. The daily caloric value is determined using such parameters as weight, height, gender and level of physical activity. It is also worth taking into account the goal, which may be to get rid of/gain a few pounds or to maintain the current weight. In addition, there is more than one fit catering option to choose from, including:

  • Sports, for people who practice sports amateur or professionally. It is a menu rich in high-quality protein,
  • Vegetarian, designed for people who do not eat meat,
  • Vegetarian with the addition of fish,
  • junior, tailored to the picky palates of the youngest gourmets, 
  • vegan, ideal for people who want to fully exclude animal products,
  • low carb, a way to reduce carbohydrates,
  • no gluten & no lactose, is an option for those who cannot consume dairy and wheat products for health reasons,
  • detox, is a variant for people who want to get rid of harmful toxins from the body. It is based on freshly prepared juices to (for 3 days) completely replace solid foods. It is one of the most effective methods of cleansing the body and mind.

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Each of the aforementioneddiets has been created with special precision by our nutritionists, who care about spreading awareness of healthy lifestyles. 

To learn more about Fit Diet Catering's extensive offerings, go to and order a box diet tailored to your requirements. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

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