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Mental and physical health consists of many factors. Not only regular physical activity, long and undisturbed sleep, lack of stress, but most importantly a balanced and nutrient-filled diet is important. Unfortunately, nowadays people lack time for everything, especially for cooking. This is because it is necessary to create a menu for the whole week, write down a list of the most necessary ingredients, shop, cook and clean up after this activity. Without specialized knowledge, it is very difficult to calculate the caloric value of each meal and determine how much vitamins, fiber and nutritional elements it contains. A box diet is the ideal solution for all those who appreciate convenience and want to take care of their health. In Brussels you will order the best quality catering with delivery to your door. Can it get any more convenient?

Is it worth ordering diet catering?

The advantages of fit catering are appreciated by celebrities, movie stars, athletes and trainers around the world. This should not come as a surprise, since a box diet means safety, assurance of the highest quality of the meals consumed, and, above all, saving time and comfort. What is the process of ordering meals like? On the website there is a special calculator, with the help of which you determine the approximate daily energy value requirements. All you have to do is enter your height, weight, age, as well as the degree of physical activity and the goal you plan to achieve (weight loss/gain or the desire to maintain the current weight). Customers can choose any calorie value and type of diet. The choices include:

  • balances,
  • Sports,
  • junior,
  • vegetarian,
  • vegetarian + fish
  • vegan
  • low carb
  • no gluten & no lactose,
  • detox juice. 

Moreover, diet catering allows you to eat regularly. Nutritionists emphasize that only regular intake of meals (5 times a day every 3 or 4 hours) will allow you to control your own weight. Thanks to box diet meals, following this rule will not be a difficulty. See for yourself. 

On the Fit Diet Catering website you will find a diet tailored to your needs. Are you committed to ridding your body of toxins? Choose a trendy juice diet to cleanse your body and, consequently, your mind. Do you prefer your child to carry balanced and healthy meals to kindergarten? Check out Fit Junior's offerings, which all toddlers will love. Meals are not only perfectly composed and rich in nutrients, but also colorful and served in a distinctive way. Physical activity enthusiasts should look out for the Fit Sport option, rich in highly digestible protein. People allergic to gluten and lactose are not left behind. For them, too, top nutritionists have developed a balanced diet. Check out the full range, including for those allergic to lactose (dairy) and gluten (wheat). 

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