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What is FIT DIET CATERING all about?

At a time when every hour is precious and health concerns are as high as ever, Fit Diet is becoming a breakthrough in nutrition and the answer to everyday needs. We provide a professionally prepared diet kit for the whole day, which we deliver directly to your door. We make sure that the meals are healthy, balanced, varied and tasty. You don't waste time shopping, cooking and cleaning. You choose your diet and we take care of the rest.

How to place an order?

We accept orders directly through the website. Choose your diet and calorie, then enter your delivery details and proceed to pay for your order. From the moment you place your order, we need 2 days to process it.

What is the area within which you deliver catering?

We deliver in a selected area in the Netherlands and Belgium. You can check the available localities on the home page.

Wants to order catering, but my address is outside the delivery area

Write to us and we'll see what the possibilities are:

On what days do you deliver catering?

We deliver daily from Sunday to Thursday for the days: Monday-Friday (no weekends) Friday is weekend delivery ( Saturday, Sunday) * not all regions are served for the weekend Delivery hour: 15:00-24:00 To find out what hours your order will be delivered contact us by phone or text us +31633304171

At what times are meals delivered?

Delivery is from 2:00 pm to midnight. The diet for Monday is delivered the day before on Sunday. The diet for Tuesday is delivered the day before on Monday. The diet for Wednesday is delivered the day before on Tuesday. The diet for Thursday is delivered the day before on Wednesday. The diet for Friday is delivered one day earlier on Thursday. The diet for Saturday and Sunday is delivered two days in advance on Friday. To find out what times your order will be delivered, call or text us +31633304171

Can I change my delivery address?

The delivery address must be provided one day before the scheduled delivery to

Is there an additional charge for delivery?

Within the Netherlands and Belgium, the per diem prices available on the site are total prices, there are no hidden delivery costs.

Can I order a diet for the weekend?

Of course, weekend diets are delivered on Friday in advance for two days for selected areas. Selected areas: Provinces: Zuid Holland, Noord Holland, Noord Brabant NOTE: No weekend deliveries to Limburg, Flevoland, Utrecht and Belgium. All purchased weekend packages are spread from Monday to Friday. We reserve the right to exclude cities due to logistics.

He wants to order his first set today, when will I receive it?

An order placed today will be delivered after two days. Examples: An order on Monday will be delivered Wednesday evening for Thursday. An order placed on Friday will be delivered Sunday evening for Monday. An order placed on Saturday will be delivered Monday evening for Tuesday, etc.

The diet is already ordered, when will I receive the first set?

The order will be delivered the day before the evening before the date selected in the calendar.

Are there possible exclusions of particular ingredients from the diet?

We cannot exclude any ingredient from the diet.

Today was my first day of delivery, why didn't I receive the meals?

We make deliveries according to the calendar received at the time of ordering and after the payment has been credited. It is likely that the payment has not reached us yet. If in doubt, call us.

Can I make a pause in my order?

It is important to inform us 3 days in advance of the delivery date. Example: The information received on Monday will be considered from the Friday diet ( Thursday delivery). The diet will be frozen for the stated period. (The maximum you can freeze the diet for the number of days left in the package). In case of notification without advance notice, the days will be forfeited.

How do I choose a diet that is right for me?

In the first step, decide which diet is compatible with your preferences. In the next step, choose the right calorie, if you do not know what your body's energy requirements are, use our calorie calculator.

Are the diets you prepare properly balanced?

All our diets are determined by a Dietitian and prepared under his supervision. This way you can be sure that our diet is balanced and wholesome.

How many meals does the diet consist of?

Our diets consist of a different number of meals depending on the type of diet and calories. You can find the exact number of meals in the characteristics of each diet.

In what order can I eat my meals?

On each meal there is a sticker with information about the meal ( calorie, macronutrients, allergen). The order of meals can be changed according to your preference. Meal 1- Breakfast Meal 2- Brunch Meal 3- Lunch Meal 4- Snack Meal 5- Supper

How do you store your meals?

Meals are best stored in the refrigerator at 2-6˚C

Can the meals received be reheated in the microwave?

Meals that you receive in containers sealed with foil are suitable for heating in the microwave. However, be sure to remove the foil first. Meals to be reheated are marked with the information "warm".

Are deliveries made on holidays and days off?

On: 09.04-10.04 Geen leveringen 24.12.2023-03.01.2024 Gesloten Fit Diet Catering is closed and orders move accordingly for the next day, according to the order.

Can I give the diet of my choice as a gift?

Of course! Write to us

What hours can I contact you?

We are at your service: Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Outside these hours, please contact us by email at

Do the promotions combine with each other?

Only one promotion can be used.

Why don't we suggest a diet lower than 1200 kcal?

Too low a caloric value is simply unhealthy for our bodies. Such "starvation" may bring quick results but they will be short-lived and may lead to the "JOJO" effect and hormonal disorders. By eating balanced meals your body will have more energy and you will achieve long-term results.

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